PlayStation E3 2018 Supercut

PlayStation’s domination of the console space is nigh on absolute. They even have some of the best VR on the market.

What will the next year of gaming on PlayStation look like?


The Last of Us: Part 2

Developer: Naughty Dog
Release: Early 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4

Years have passed since the world was enveloped by brain-altering fungus but survival looks as difficult as always.  This has to be one of the most anticipated games of the whole generation. Fingers crossed Naughty Dog can exceed the humongous expectations we’ve foisted on them.


Call of Duty 4: Black Ops Legacy Maps

Developer: Treyarch
Release: October 12
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Black Ops 1 & 2 maps are coming to Black Ops 3 & 4. I have fond memories with all of these maps, should make for some good nostalgia.


Ghost of Tsushima

Developer: Sucker Punch
Release: Early 2019
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

One of the most stunning games to be shown this year, every scene looks like a meticulous instagram post. It’s clear we can expect big things from Ghost of Tsushima.



Developer: Remedy Games
Release: Early 2019
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Remedy have always been strong at making visually intriguing games. Control represents that dial being cranked to 11.


Resident Evil 2 Remake

Developer: Capcom
Release: January 25
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 gets one heck of a face lift.


Trover Saves the Universe

Developer: Squanch Games
Release: Early 2019
Platform: PS4, PSVR

Job Simulator and Virtual Rickality were both pretty enjoyable. Can Squanch Games squanch it?


Kingdom Hearts 3

Developer: Square Enix Business Division 3
Release: February 29
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Surely making live action and animated worlds look good in the same game is a difficult task? Not if you’re Square Enix.


Death Stranding

Developer: Kojima Productions
Release: Early 2019
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Every time someone says they “have no idea what’s going on!”, Kojima grows in power tenfold.


Nioh 2

Developer: Team Ninja
Release: Early 2019
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Yokai threaten the people of Nippon again, grab your Elixers and take the hunt to them.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

Developer: Insomniac
Release: Early 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4

Spidey faces off against 5 of his biggest enemies and a mysterious ringleader. I’m very impressed at the scale of this game, the city is huge and traversing it looks effortless.



Developer: FromSoftware
Release: Early 2019
Platform: PSVR

On first pass you might not think FromSoftware would lend itself to a thoughtful, artsy, VR puzzle game but it really does make sense. They know that often less is more, context matters and they can world build with the best. As a PSVR owner and FromFanboy, I’ll be getting this for sure.


Destiny 2: Forsaken

Developer: Bungie
Release: September 4
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Nathan Fillion finds a way out of his lifetime contract as Cayde-6. I really did enjoy my time with Destiny but I don’t know if this is enough to get me back in.


To be honest, it was a rather short presentation and no announcement of blockbuster new IP.

Perhaps with the success of God of War fresh in our memories and so many PS4 exclusives coming, they don’t feel the need to rush anything out at the moment.

It wasn’t a mind-blowing presentation but if was certainly the least cringey one this year.

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